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My name is Nafisa. I am 22 years old student. I am studying nursing and in order to help my widow mother financially, I work part time at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Sharma, a lovely couple. Mr Sharma is in his forties while Mrs Sharma is much younger. Her husband met with an accident and has suffered concussion and broken ribs and many deep injuries. Mrs Sharma is a gorgeous looking woman who is modern minded.

My duty is to look after her husband while she is out most of time shopping or with her friends. I often give sedatives to Mr Sharma so that he can have a peaceful sleep. I once saw a collection of porn movies in their closet and began to watch them when the wife was away and husband was sleeping. I would put the volume low and watch porn and then put the movie back. I would sit on the sofa and rub my pussy and cum by fingering myself. Porn collection was very hot.

I would dress more casually in skirts and loose tops as I became more comfortable with the couple and they loved me. I am average height and my tits are bigger for my build. I love touching my nipples and since I began watching porn, I often thought of seducing Mr Sharma who looked sad to me sometimes. One day I was watching a lesbian movie while Mrs Sharma was out and her husband was asleep. It was a beautiful movie in which a mature white woman made love to a young black girl.

The girl was lying on the bed with her legs apart while the white woman was licking her pussy. I was getting horny and hot and began to rub my cunt and cup my boobs. I undressed myself and was completely naked and was lost in the pleasures of masturbation. I fucked my cunt with three fingers in my hole. I came on the sofa and fell asleep immediately. In my sleep, I felt hot breath on my face and as I opened my eyes. Mrs Sharma was bending down on my face and whispered , "It's me, Mrs Sharma ...Darling, I'm home now."

I woke up and then gave a little start as I realized my nakedness. "I am sorry, Mr Sharma, it was so hot that I had to take off my clothes. I will put them on again!" and then she glanced at the TV and then back at me, the porn movie was still playing on the TV Screen. I'm so sorry, Mrs Sharma ," I stammered but no words came out. I knew my job was gone but she smiled sweetly and touched my face. She is very fair. Her white skin shone in the light and the deep cut of her blouse exposed her big milk white boobs. I became wet in my pussy.

She ran her fingers in my hair and said, "Don't worry about it Nafisa, my darling. I have kept those movies because I love to watch them. You have not done anything wrong," I tried my best to overcome my embarrassment. "Did you like the movie?" She asked and I nodded. My face was flushing red and my hands were clasped in my lap. She reached out and brushed my hair back from my face. "That's good. Have you ever been with a woman? I mean this movie was lesbian movie. Have you tried it with a woman before?" I said. "No Mrs Sharma. Never! It is not normal or

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