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GAY MALE :: Sex With Train TT :: ::

and went slowly to the cock, inserting his face between thighs and below ass and sucked my cock. It was too pleasurable and I was going max. I asked for 69 positions and he was reluctant. I said I just want his cock and he pulled down his underwear. I was shocked to see a cock as thin as may be a pen and in length may be little more than 3 inch as long as my finger. He was ashamed, but I had to do something so

I went straight to his cock and sucked it. He pressed my face hard towards his cock. He was on his knees and literally stroking as if he was fucking my mouth. He was shouting loud and pressing my mouth hard on his cock. I asked him to relax. I sucked him for 3 minutes fingering his balls and he was completely turned on. He suddenly turned around in doggy style and spreading his ass and bent down showing his hole to me.

It was black and I hated the look of it. He asked me to lick it; I held his cock with one hand and with all disgust went towards his hole. Almost my nose touching his ass hole, I felt disgusting smell and I pulled back. I said ďI cannot do this; I have never done this and just cannot do it. Donít feel bad but I just cannot do it. He smiled and turned around and we went 69 for 10minutes. I was on top and he again showed that in any position he was an awesome sucker and licker.

He inserted half his finger in my ass hole. It was little painful but the way he was licking and sucking, the pleasure which I was getting was more important. As I sucked him he said he was about to come and requested me to suck him dry, I was feeling bad that I donít even do that. But then I thought that with that size of cock how much would he sperm out and continued sucking him. He blasted in my mouth and it was much more I had thought. My mouth was full and he was dry.

I puked those sperms on floor and he asked me to swallow. I said no way. He then continued to suck me, I was hard but the feel of his sperms in mouth was putting me off, then he said ďcome on fuck meĒ and he turned around and gave his ass for me to fuck. His hole was big but the problem was that I never had condom nor did he and I did not want to enter his hole without condom which stinked and looked horribly black. But things where just happening.

His hole was big enough for me to enter without much force but it felt really nice and as I started to stroke him, he made a noise which suggested it was painful and later he was moaning as I continued fucking him in ass. In few strokes I was ready to blast and I told him, he immediately turned around and took my cock deep in his throat and kept sucking it. I blasted in his mouth and more of in his throat. He kept sucking me till I was dry and clean. He swallowed my sperms and licked my cock clean till there was no spermís or juices stuck around it.

He was loving it as if he does this all the time and I was disgusted as he took my cock in his mouth which was minutes back in his ass that to without condom. I asked him same and he said

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