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Hi this is Rajesh. For those who don't know me, I am 30years old from Bangalore city 5'10'' tall good built and if not good looking, very decent looking guy with a 6" performing tool. I am basically a bisexual. This incident is real one which happens to me recently in shatabdi express moving from Chennai to Bangalore. It was an evening train which starts from Chennai at 05.30 in evening and reaches Bangalore around 10.30.

I had been lucky in this train when I found pinky, a north Indian aunty and am having sex with her even today. Anyway this is a gay story. I had dressed for action with a nice lee t-shirt which showed my built arms and a very thin shorts which were actually very short just reaching below my ass curve. I had purposely not worn underwear below that so that if I face action, it could be easier and also my tent will be visible if I have to attract some one.

I was travelling in executive chair car and I had reached station little early and train was on platform around 5.15pm. It was disappointing to see the chart as I found only 26 people travelling out of 56seats available my seat number was 53 which was hearting but last 8 seats where empty which made me sad again. Any way I got into the train and stretched myself to put my luggage on top luggage tray.

I was tall enough to put luggage but I purposely stretched so that my short would go up little more giving a good shape of lower body and exposing the max. I looked around to see anyone looking at me but bad luck people where busy in them. I disappointingly took seat and switched on music. I was eagerly looking around for some good faces but for sure I was checking out only females. Around 5.35 trains started and a TT entered the coach.

This E1 coach was in last and after this only one luggage coach was there. TT entered the coach from behind right where I was seated on window seat on last row as train started to move. I was in comfort and had stretched myself to max comfort with seat reclining to max which made my short move up to almost expose my tool. I was listening music on headphone and had closed my eyes to relax, so I could not hear TT asking for tickets nor saw him,

So TT had to touch me and instead of touching my shoulder or head, I was surprised when he touched my naked thighs. It was a good feel as he had rested his hands on my thighs and not shook for few seconds. I opened my eyes in shock and seeing him; I apologized and showed him my tickets. He checked the same and while returning the tickets he smiled at me. I smiled back. He went ahead and checked all tickets and came back to last row and placed his luggage over the seat 55 and 56.

I never knew that TT are allotted seats in executive and that too 56 number which is last. Seeing him settle down at that seat I felt bad as I was sure there will be no chance for any action as no female is coming there. I went back to my music and closed my eyes to relax. I felt something was happening around me so I opened my eyes and saw this TT staring at my erect tool and exposed thighs. When he saw my eyes open he shifted and started to look around.

Let me describe this TT to you, must be in his late 30’s. Little on darker side complexion and He must have been around 5 feet 9 inch tall with small belly. Dressed in uniform and looked ordinary. The moment I saw him staring at my cock I knew game is on but was not sure how will he make the move as I was in no mood to start things at least for this person. He then looked in my eyes and I gave him that look and smiled.

But he never understood. I relaxed back again closed my eyes and I adjusted myself in seat lowering down which pushed my shorts up to max almost showing my balls and ass curve with a bulge of my cock. I was kind of excited which made my cock hard. Then I opened my eyes and looked at my cock and then towards the TT and smiled wickedly. TT was looking at me and was nervous by now. I was sure things will happen fast now.

I closed my eyes giving TT all support he wanted. Just then soup with snacks was served and things got disturbed. I had my soup and TT also finished his snacks. As soon as trays where taken, TT shifted to the empty seat next to me, my heart started to beat a little faster. I smiled and he said “hello, I am Hari” and he gave his hand for hand shake. I shook hand with him but he held my hand very softly, the way girls do it.

As we shook hands, he started to rub my palm with his finger, must be 4or5 times. I knew it was a signal but I did not bother. I went back to my music in same position. He was quiet for 2 or 3 minutes, and then he took his chart and other list and started to mark something on it with pen. As he spread his papers, his left hand was over my thighs almost close to my cock. It was executive coach which had big seats and he was doing it purposely to touch my cock and would pretend accident if I react.

I was happy he was making move and was waiting for 1st move where he would touch my cock and just then his hand rubbed my cock as he was spreading papers and he saw my face, which I could make out by slight open eyes, but I kept quiet pretending I did not notice. He was encouraged by this. By now he had spread papers all over himself and little over me to. I knew he would make next move very fast. He just searched few on paper (which he pretended) and rested his hand on my bare thighs.

Oh it was feeling good. He kept his knuckles near my lower thighs and then slowly moved up to the shorts and stopped. I had half eyes open which he could make out. He was making sure no one was looking specially people from front seat between 2 seats and also from back gate. He got up and checked there was no one stating out on back gate because from there things would be visible. He made sure of things and slowly again reached to my inner thighs pretending working but this time he had his fingers and palms over my warm inner thighs.

All the time he was watching my face for reaction. I did react by spreading legs giving him proper access and by my face he would have made out that I loved what he was doing. He was caressing my thighs and now as I spread my legs he got confidence and straight away he placed his hand over my cock. He never pressed or caressed it just rested his hand on my cock waiting for approval. I dint react and he now started to caress it and press it.

My cock was very hard by now and I was licking my lower lip in very filmy style. It was almost 2hours since train had started to move and lot of people where moving out towards toilet because of which TT had to remove his hand and start things again and again. I was wearing a loose short which helped TT later when he tried to insert his hand under the shorts to my cock; he was surprised as I was not wearing underwear.

He gripped my cock and gave few strokes and I was wet. He ran his finger on tip of my cock and taking wet pre cum on his finger and thumb. He took his hand out and looking around carefully sucked his finger and thumb, tasting my pre cum. I understood he was a hardcore guy. But I was worried then because I liked gay sex a little but only being on top although I dint mind sucking a little bit if partner is clean and looked decent, black also was alright.

He slowly said in my ears “you taste very nice, will you come out so that we can have fun openly”. I thought he was talking of toilet. I said “if we go in toilet and if any one sees us going or coming out then it would be embarrassing”. He smiled and said “no there is a small empty cabin behind, we can have fun. Next station is Jolarpet, which is coming where train will stop and we can get down and go there and have fun.

There will be no one to disturb. Just take a bed sheet or something which we can spread on floor. After that we can come back to seat after having fun”. I was thinking about it but said yes. I was worried how we will come back in running train. Anyway till station came he kept stroking my cock and licking my pre cum. I also tried to reach for his cock but he pushed my hand back immediately. I thought someone was looking but no one was looking.

I was surprised by his strange behavior. Anyway in 15 to 20 minutes station came and I took my towel because I dint have any other thing along with me. Train stopped and TT got down the train and spread his hand and went back toward the luggage van. It was extra luggage van he entered the coach waiting for me to come. Even I got down and went straight to coach and got in and he immediately locked it from inside. I had never seen luggage coach van before.

He looked toward me and got on his knees and asked me not to make noise as train is still standing and people can hear outside. He pulled down my shorts and straight away took my cock in his mouth. He looked desperate. But he knew to suck and suck well. Train started to move as he sucked, I loved it but I was not comfortable standing as I had no support to hold on and train was moving. I told him that and he said to give towel to him.

He took towel and spread across the floor and stared to remove his clothes and asked me to get nude. I was little worried now as I wanted to tell him that I was a top and don’t get fucked in ass. But I wanted him to suck, so I decided I will move with motion and decide things later. I was completely nude and he was in his boxer which looked very old. He made me lie down and he came between my legs and over me to my lips and started to kiss me.

I was not into too much of kissing and especially with this kind of guy. He was holding both my hand over my head with both of his hands. He was kind of stinking and I can understand in the heat of Chennai station he was in blazer. I just don’t like people who stink or don’t take care of their stink. Just then this guy moved down to my chest and started to lick my nipples as if I was a women. He was sucking it hard and stroking my cock at the same time.

I was very sure by then that he was a top like me. He then got down to my cock and went as down as possible, lifting my legs in air to bottom of my balls almost touching my ass hole with his tongue. I was moaning as he ran his tongue right from bottom to top of cock and he almost swallowed my cock in his throat. Ooohhh hmmmm it was warm as a women’s pussy. He knew this trade well, he loved the fragrance of my cock and said you are tasty but not enough salty which I live.

He sucked on and on. I was in heaven and his mouth grip on my cock was just too much to take. He was better than a professional and I understood he must be a gay. I tried to reach his cock, this time again he pushed away my hand. I was wondering why he was doing that. He sucked me so well I was moaning the entire time hhhmm aaaaahhhh yyyaahhhh good fuck fuck. It was almost 7 to 10 minutes and now my cock was ready to blow. I told him to stop as I was ready to blow;

I wanted it to last for some time. He stopped and was literally turning me over. As I rolled over my belly I told him that I don’t take cock in my ass, I don’t get fucked. He smiled and said “I am not going to fuck you; you can fuck me if you want. I just wanted every part of your body”. He got me in doggy position but pulled my ass little toward him getting full access of my ass hole. It was little sweaty as I have little hair over there, but this guy just cleaned the hole deep with towel. As he cleaned my hole and inserted towel little deep in hole, I moaned again.

He immediately put his face in my ass with his tongue on my ass hole. Ohh a current ran all over my body. He was spreading my ass to get better access to hole. He pressed his face deep in my ass crack to insert his tongue in my ass hole. I shook and shivered in pleasure, he was eating the hole more than licking. I was enjoying it to core but then I had this dirty feeling of this person being dirty to insert his tongue so deep. He tongue fucked my ass hole.

He was truly a sex god, he ran his tongue firm from hole and went slowly to the cock, inserting his face between thighs and below ass and sucked my cock. It was too pleasurable and I was going max. I asked for 69 positions and he was reluctant. I said I just want his cock and he pulled down his underwear. I was shocked to see a cock as thin as may be a pen and in length may be little more than 3 inch as long as my finger. He was ashamed, but I had to do something so

I went straight to his cock and sucked it. He pressed my face hard towards his cock. He was on his knees and literally stroking as if he was fucking my mouth. He was shouting loud and pressing my mouth hard on his cock. I asked him to relax. I sucked him for 3 minutes fingering his balls and he was completely turned on. He suddenly turned around in doggy style and spreading his ass and bent down showing his hole to me.

It was black and I hated the look of it. He asked me to lick it; I held his cock with one hand and with all disgust went towards his hole. Almost my nose touching his ass hole, I felt disgusting smell and I pulled back. I said “I cannot do this; I have never done this and just cannot do it. Don’t feel bad but I just cannot do it. He smiled and turned around and we went 69 for 10minutes. I was on top and he again showed that in any position he was an awesome sucker and licker.

He inserted half his finger in my ass hole. It was little painful but the way he was licking and sucking, the pleasure which I was getting was more important. As I sucked him he said he was about to come and requested me to suck him dry, I was feeling bad that I don’t even do that. But then I thought that with that size of cock how much would he sperm out and continued sucking him. He blasted in my mouth and it was much more I had thought. My mouth was full and he was dry.

I puked those sperms on floor and he asked me to swallow. I said no way. He then continued to suck me, I was hard but the feel of his sperms in mouth was putting me off, then he said “come on fuck me” and he turned around and gave his ass for me to fuck. His hole was big but the problem was that I never had condom nor did he and I did not want to enter his hole without condom which stinked and looked horribly black. But things where just happening.

His hole was big enough for me to enter without much force but it felt really nice and as I started to stroke him, he made a noise which suggested it was painful and later he was moaning as I continued fucking him in ass. In few strokes I was ready to blast and I told him, he immediately turned around and took my cock deep in his throat and kept sucking it. I blasted in his mouth and more of in his throat. He kept sucking me till I was dry and clean. He swallowed my sperms and licked my cock clean till there was no sperm’s or juices stuck around it.

He was loving it as if he does this all the time and I was disgusted as he took my cock in his mouth which was minutes back in his ass that to without condom. I asked him same and he said “there is nothing dirty in sex. If you had pied in my mouth while leaking, I would have taken that also. I love dirty sex. I was kind of shocked as I had never ever come across such person who was ready to drink urine of other person. I was exhausted and sat of floor and we both sat there naked for couple of minutes. If you like this incident then please do write about the same at Love you all, Rajesh