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I have written two stories before this is a third one that I am writing which is a true incident that happened before when I was in University, I stated at the hostel. It was a boyís hostel. There were lots of boys in that hostel. Some boys used to drink and come to the hostel and cause problems. My roommates donít drink and I donít drink as well. One day I came from my classes early. I opened my room and Suresh was there sleeping on his bed.

I went near him and asked him if everything was ok. Suresh was in a deep sleep I guess. I didnít want to disturb him so I went to the washroom to shower and to go out. I was in the washroom and I heard laughing voice in the room. I wrapped my self in a towel and came out to see whatís going on. Kamal were there with his four of his other friends by their action, you know they were drunk. He and his friends stay over at the next room.

They always pick on Suresh whenever they get a chance. They were sitting on the bed beside Suresh and making fun of him. I went in the middle and told them to get out. Kamal ignored me and continued to make fun of Suresh. Suresh was still lying on the bed. Sureshís hands and legs were held by Kamalís friends. When I saw, Suresh was lying there in his underwear. Kamal had his lungi in his hands. I told Kamal to give it back to him and to leave.

He ignored me again. I got mad and I pushed him off the bed. Kamal got up from the floor and was angry. He came near me and said not to touch him ever again. I pushed him back and one of his friends came from behind and head locked me. I couldnít move. Kamal was angry and plus he was drunk. I was struggling to get off the headlock and Kamal pulled my towel off. I was there bare naked. I was defenseless. They all saw my naked body.

Kamal whispered in my ear donít you mess with me. I will mess your parts. He kissed me on my cheeks and went out of the room. Suresh got up and got me my lungi. I wore it and went and sat on the bed. I wasnít embarrassed or anything. Suresh asked me if I was ok. I said I was fine and asked him if he was ok. He said he would go and get some food for us. Suresh came back and with food. I was still sitting on the bed.

He asked me if I was ok and to not to worry about it. The next day, I got up and I felt dizzy. So I told Suresh that I will not be coming to classes and went back to sleep. It was 10 am and when I got up I felt little better. So I got up and showered and went to get food. As soon as I came I felt the dizziness again. So I just quickly went near the bed and sat on it after a short time, I changed my clothes and wore my lungi and t-shirt.

I was still feeling tired so I went to sleep for a while when I got up to see what time it is, I saw Kamal standing in front of me. I tired to get up and my hands and legs were tied with rope. He said not to make any sound or else everyone will come see whatís about to happen. I told him to let me goo. He sat beside me on the bed and placed his hands on my leg. He grabbed my leg and massaged it. He pulled my lungi about to my knee.

I tried to move it down with my leg and it didnít work. He took off my t-shirts and took off his t-shirt as well. He placed his hands on my chest and moved it up and down on my chest. He came near me and said ďdonít worry; you will enjoy how I am going to enjoy you. He put his tongue on my nipples and started licking it and then started sucking it while playing with the other one with his hand. Then he took one of his hands and put it under my lungi and grabbed my dick.

He used his hands and went up and down with my dick. It started to grow bigger little by little. Kamal sucked both of my nipples one by one. He started kissing my whole body. He worked from my cheeks down to my stomach. Then he started kissing back up to my cheeks. I turned my head around to avoid it. He got on top of my stomach and held my heads tight and leaned towards my face and kissed me on my lips. I couldnít move because he was holding on to my head tight.

He kissed on my lips for a while and then took off his lungi. He was in his underwear. He got off top of me and pulled my lungi down. He saw my bare naked body again without any cloths on for the second time. I called for help. I screamed. I guess no one heard me everyone must have been at school at this time. Kamal took my dick and put it in his mouth. He started sucking it. He put it in all the way in his mouth. I didnít have a sexual feeling so my dick wasnít erected.

However, as he started using his mouth to suck on my dick, I started feeling the pleasure. I couldn't stop myself and my dick started growing. He sucked me for about five minutes. I saw his dick growing under his underwear. He stopped sucking me and got up and took off his underwear. He was hard. His dick was about seven inches. He came near to my face and told me to suck him. I said no and turned my head.

He forcefully held my head and pushed it against his dick. My face on his dick and he placed his dick near my mouth. I pushed his body by my head. He lifted me and tilts me over. He pushed my legs up and started sucking my ass. He used his tongue and licked my ass. He used his finger and fingered my ass. He started finger it before I was rejecting him but now I started feeling the pleasure and didnít do anything and let him continue it.

He used one finger first then used two after a while he took his dick and pushed it in against my ass. He was struggling to put his dick in, however after a while it went in. I started screaming in pain. He rocked back and forth for 10 minutes. He then stopped fucking me in my ass and stared sucking me on my nipples, as he did he stoked my dick with one of his hands. He then lifted my legs and spread them and started fucking it again as he was fucking my ass he used both of his hands and played with my nipples.

He started moaning harder and as he was about to come to climax. I told him to take it out. He continued fucking my ass. I started screaming for help. He leaned towards me and used my hands to cover my mouth with his hands. He started fucking harder and he started moaning harder. With in few minutes he came inside my ass. I was in a shock and didnít know what to do. He then took out his dick and kissed me on my lips. He then started sucking my cock and I was about to come out.

He stopped sucking it and started stroking my cock. And I came in a while too. He drained all of it out and then laughed at me. He got up and put on his cloths and untied my hands and legs. Before he left, he said he like it all and he will be back for more next time. I sat on my bed with my lungi placed on my legs to cover my naked body. After Kamal left, Suresh came to the room. I was sitting there naked and with my lungi covering my naked body.

Suresh came to me and asked me if I was ok. I said I was fine. I told him that I was changing and didnít fell good so I sat down. He said he will help me change and I said not to worry and I will change by myself. He was worried and he asked if I was ok again. Kamal walked by the room and said Suresh your friend has a nice ass. I would like to play with it again. Suresh was shocked and asked me what happened. I told him what has happened and he told me not to worry about it.

He told me that same incident happened with him that day when he was home. I was shocked to hear this. Suresh said he didnít mind and he just let him fuck him and he said in fact he actually liked it when he fucked him. I was kind of disturbed and got up to go to the washroom to clean. As I got up to leave, Suresh put his hands on my ass and said not to worry. There is a continuation for this story and I will write it as my next story. If you guys like this story please write a comment or send me a comment. Thank you. My email address is