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OFFICE TEACHER :: Fucked My Horny Secretary Kanika :: ::

fine day there were not many employees in the office as it was a holiday and to complete a bit of paper work i needed kanika's help at office so i called her in. and it was just the two of us and the security guard outside.

after completing the work me and kanika were feeling a bit tired and were just relaxing in my cabin when be bursted the bubble of silence.... she asked me that do i have a girlfriend, i said no, later i asked her the same question and she said no even she's single. she hesitated a bit and asked me did i ever kiss anyone, i said no i haven't and she started laughing and said never???? and i said never had a chance to kiss anyone, though i knew where things were going i was enjoying them and then i asked her the same question and she answer the same... then after few seconds she asked me would u like to try it once??? i asked her what? she said don't get me wrong but would you like to try kissing me, i want to know how it feels to kiss someone, i kept quite for a while kept staring into her eyes and she into mine and then said "okay" and she requested that please promise me that what we tried would always remain a secret between us two and wouldn't go out, there was a sudden glow and happiness in kanikas eyes she stood-up and came close to me, out breaths became heavier and we didnt even blink for a second and kept staring and i said i promise that it will always be a secret, then she came really close to me and smooched me and it continued for few seconds, i was still sitting on my chair and kanika over my lap, after a few seconds we parted and kept staring into each others eyes, and she suddenly started kissing me wildly and her hands were running through my hair and i kept pretending as if i was surprised and didnt put my hands over her body.... then after a few minutes of wild kissing she caught my hands and guided them over her tits and pressed them hard, indicating me to caress them so i caught her tits and started to squeeze them hard and caress them as well, her nipples were hard and erect, her tits felt so soft.... cant express the feeling in words.... we kept kissing wildly for really ong, both started to loose out breath and my hand were wandering all over her body and assets... caressing and squeezing wildly..

then we both got up from the chair and i start stripping her and she strips me..... oooohhh! dam... she looks soooo damn hot in her bra and panties and den i stripped them as well and made her completely nude and was enjoying her nudity and she was staring and my erect dick as she hasn't seen any in the past and i place her hands over my dick and she holds it tight and my dick starts to grow stronger and longer.... she is surprised to see that... i started to feel her body and it was really smooth and i was going crazy for her.....then i asked her to sit on the chair and i started sucking her tits wildly, biting them, licking in her nipples and sucking them one after the other.... then i moved down kissing

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