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MAID SERVANT :: Savitri Was Fucked By My Husband :: ::

I am Soma age 29 figure 34 32 36 Complx: Fair married to Kunal just 20 months before. My husband is a nice person. Before our marriage I had many affairs since school but now I am busy in my office works. Now due to heavy workloads, I really do not have the time. About my wants, I prefer to watch sex happening than involving myself in sex practice. Just after our marriage, we had sex regular, but slowly all disappeared.

Kunal age 31 figures well built complexion fair works in an IT firm as Accounts officer. I am working in HR department. Both of us stay in Kolkata. We are three members in our house. Iím Kunal and Savitri our maid servant. She is only 20 years old and with slim figure of 30 36 28 and a bit Black skin. Savitri is typical maid with no sexy looks and outfit. Once Kunal lost his job and had to stay in home for about a month.

And as I was in the night shift I had to stay off from home from evening 4 till 10 in the morning. Five days past Kunal lost his job, I found him very much soft towards Savtri. May be they treat each other like brother and sisters. But many times I doubt about Kunal. One day I caught with fever and remained at home. Doctor told that the virus may easily get transferred so I had to rest on a separate room and only twice in the day Kunal used to come and speak to me only for

5 mins and help me to take medicines. During these days Kunal seemed to have passed maximum time with Savitri either gossiping or watching serials with her on the TV. I could confidently understand the hidden desires of my husband, but still he is so shy and at the same time loyal tour relationship. But I am not at all possessive for my husband and that made my hidden desire to watch my husband enjoying with other woman.

Kunal has a habit of sleeping late night. Even Savitri go to her bed after finishing all her works. One day intentionally I went to bed and took medicines from Kunal early and pretended as if I have consumed all and covered my face with the blanket as usually I sleep in that manner and no one can see inside the blanket. After half an hour I uncovered my blanket and found the lights to be off. I placed a big pillow and covered that again with the blanket, so that nobody doubts me.

I approached towards the kitchen and found Savitri washing utensila and Kunal standing there and chatting with her. Savitri was facing the basin and Kunal was just standing behind her. As from one of his friends I heard that he was an always soft towards unfair complexion, letís see now. From behind the other parallel window I peeped in and could see them
Kunal- now I suppose why the dish remains unclean these days. You seem not to concentrate on your work.

Savitri- Why Dada? I clean like this only since I am here and nobody complained.
Kunal Ė Your process is not right while you wash and rinse. Let me show you the correct way. You stand here, I ll show you from behind so that the marks can be identified.
Kunal made her more comfortable to stick

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