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seemed to be want to get out of her tight blouse it took me a while to undo

The buttons (my first time) and she helped me to get rid of it she also undid my tee. Now she was bare she did not wear any bra her erect nipples were looking pinkish compared to the rest of her dark complexion and she guided my head lower to indicate me to suck her and I think she taught me the art of sucking. I sucked as if there was no tomorrow and also gave her enough and more love bites. The next natural thing for her was to stroke me.

I was enjoying it we wer doing all this in a standing position my hands now started to remove her saree which was done quite quickly she removed her peti coat and had undone my shorts and undies by then. She bent down and took most of my cock at one go in her mouth the blow job that she gave was amazing. She was an amazing sucker. I was to explod in her mouth but she could control my nerves very well with her teeth, tongue, suck and blow process.

Two decades later this blow job still features in the top10 blow jobs I have had till date so far. We lay in missionary position on the floor in the living room my hands exploring her bare body every inch of it and she doing the same and she now guided my dick into her warm wet pussy. I was enjoying the foreplay more than the fuck but the sensation, the feeling was good.

I later realised after many experiences of the difference between a tight and a loose pussy and the art that women have to flex their vaginal muscles to give their men lasting pleasure. It was my first time and trial and error was the way forward it was fun to do it on the floor. I think I was quite horny, excited I was getting my learners license for riding rode her for a while and did cum in a few hard strokes and she too was excited.

We both came together and I shot my cum load into her most of the juices over flowed and dripped on the floor. I had lost my virginity to the maid but it was like a trophy won. I lay on her for a few seconds and then got up to clean me and her too cleaned heself, cleaned the place, got ready and left. I ate my lunch and slept for the rest of the afternoon. I was unable to talk properly to dad in the evening and he wondered if I was unwell.

His assitant had sent a tele gram stating that he would take a few more days to return. Dad suggested that i could go back and then come back to him once his assitant returns as there is no light, no good movie VCR tapes, no friends and no bike. I had no fun or reason to stay here and rather enjoy my vaccation with my friends in town. I wanted to say no, but did not have a reason to prolong my stay so he said that he would arrange for a car tomorrow to drop me back hom.

I was so very looking forward to more fun with Sheela and here my entire plan was watered at the same time suspiscion entered my mind, what if dad knows about what I did and hence is packing me off. Did Sheela tell her husband or complain to dad? I did not get good sleep that

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