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COUPLE :: Trapped Married Woman Then Explode Her - Part II :: ::

rubbing my cock on her big ass. She also moaned uuuumm and was standing like that only.

I then removed her bra strip and started squeezing her boobs more violently. She now started continuous moanin uuuu aahhhhhh. I then put my hands below and touched her panty. She was completely wet down and in a flash; I removed her panty as well. I then turned her towards me and hugged her tightly and her big melons were now crashing on my chest slowly she was also arousing and started responding to me.

She put her both the arms around my neck and kept her head on my chest. I was caressing her ass crack with my right hand while caressing her ass and I told her that she has got a marvellous ass and agains she blushed and hugged me tight. Now I pushed her to bed and parted with my boxer and both are now stark naked and she looked at my 8" big cock and told me that itís quite big and her husband's is very small comparing to mine with those words.

I understood that she was in now horny state and I can fuck her right away. I then went on top of her and we started kissing. She also responded and we lip locked and had a deep kiss. My right hand was by now near her pussy area and I found her clit. It was all wet and sticky with her juices, which were already started flowing from her love hole. I started rubbing her clit and she gave away a loud moan aaamaaaa. I now took hold of her boobs and started squeezing her left one very harshly and leaking the right one with my tongue.

First I encircled her nipple and sorrounding area with my tongue. She was bit dark in colour with dark brown nipples and blackish brown aerolas. She was constantly moaning and waving her head from side to side. I then without wasting any time went between her legs and she widened her legs to give me an easy access to her love hole. I put my mouth near her love hole and started leaking the juices. She was moaning aammaaa, I am dying, aahhh uummm aahhhhh.

I started leaking her clit, which was along with her pussy lips were also dark brown and now swollen due to her arousal. I took her clit in my mouth and started to chew it and she gave away a loud moan aaammaaa and squirted her juices on my face. I leaked them dry and she had her first orgasm well before we actually start of sex and after leaking her dry, immediately I put a tip of my cock on her love hole and in one big jerk it was completely burried inside her and again she gave away a loud moans.

I started stroking her slowly in and out and she tied her legs at my waist and seems to be enjoying my strokes and slowly and gradually my speed of strokes was increasing and with it her moans as well and while fucking her, I took hold of both her boobs and started squeezing them like a horn at the same time, I keep fucking her with a great speed. She was now completely horny and enjoying each of my stroke with equal movement of her waist and by lifting her butts.

I fucked her for around 10 minutes and she cummed once again. Now my

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