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This is the continuation of my story please read the part I first:

She looked at me in unconvincing manner and asked me whether she don't need to pay back the money. I told yes, she don't need to, since she has decided to co-operate with me and even in that situation, she smiled. I told her that she is looking very beautiful while smiling and she blushes and any good looking woman looks pretty while smiling and blushing and Saroj was not that bad looking.

So, when she smiled and blushed, she was really looking very good. I then called up my home and told them that I am going for a weekend outing and will return back tomorrow evening. Since there is a bag of my clothes which I always carry in my car, which my home people know, they said nothing and after finishing my call, which I conversed in Marathi, Saroj knew very little about it.

She was sitting at the corner of the bed and playing with her Mangalsutra. I then told her to relax completely as I am not at all in a hurry to have sex with her and she looked at me and blushed once again by now, she has recovered from the initial shock and accepted that she will have to do sex with me for the money. I then asked her whether she has been to Mumbai before and she nodded in No.

I then told her if she wishes to see the main points of Mumbai and she looked at me and her face cheered up with happiness and she told me that she would like to see those places. I then told her to get ready. She had brought one spare pair of clothes in case of emergency with her and she told that she would like to change it and then will go. I said its fine and I will also change my clothes. She was bit hesitant and I immediately came to know that what she is thinking and told her that in the night.

I am going to see each and every part of her body so doesnít be shy. She can change in front of me and I am also going to change in front of her and she again blushed and became red but then she started changing her clothes by untying her saree. She removed the petticoat and blouse as well and was only on her white bra and panty and her ass was marvellously big and her panty could not accomodate her big ass within her limits.

I also started changing my clothes and parted with my t-shirt and then jeans. I was only in my boxer and my rookie was tented in it. I wished that I should fuck her right now but then thought against it as she had accepted to stay back with me so I thought not to make any hurry but then and I went behind her and she bent down to take her saree and petticoat from her bag and then I hugged her tight from her back and squeezed her boobs. My tented rookie was rubbing her ass crack.

She was not expecting the same at that moment and froze for a moment, but in no time, she recovered and allowed me to do whatever I was doing initially, I thought not to have a sex in hurry but her touch made me aroused and mad and her boobs were also quite big maybe around 36 D and I was squeezing them over her bra and rubbing my cock on her big ass. She also moaned uuuumm and was standing like that only.

I then removed her bra strip and started squeezing her boobs more violently. She now started continuous moanin uuuu aahhhhhh. I then put my hands below and touched her panty. She was completely wet down and in a flash; I removed her panty as well. I then turned her towards me and hugged her tightly and her big melons were now crashing on my chest slowly she was also arousing and started responding to me.

She put her both the arms around my neck and kept her head on my chest. I was caressing her ass crack with my right hand while caressing her ass and I told her that she has got a marvellous ass and agains she blushed and hugged me tight. Now I pushed her to bed and parted with my boxer and both are now stark naked and she looked at my 8" big cock and told me that itís quite big and her husband's is very small comparing to mine with those words.

I understood that she was in now horny state and I can fuck her right away. I then went on top of her and we started kissing. She also responded and we lip locked and had a deep kiss. My right hand was by now near her pussy area and I found her clit. It was all wet and sticky with her juices, which were already started flowing from her love hole. I started rubbing her clit and she gave away a loud moan aaamaaaa. I now took hold of her boobs and started squeezing her left one very harshly and leaking the right one with my tongue.

First I encircled her nipple and sorrounding area with my tongue. She was bit dark in colour with dark brown nipples and blackish brown aerolas. She was constantly moaning and waving her head from side to side. I then without wasting any time went between her legs and she widened her legs to give me an easy access to her love hole. I put my mouth near her love hole and started leaking the juices. She was moaning aammaaa, I am dying, aahhh uummm aahhhhh.

I started leaking her clit, which was along with her pussy lips were also dark brown and now swollen due to her arousal. I took her clit in my mouth and started to chew it and she gave away a loud moan aaammaaa and squirted her juices on my face. I leaked them dry and she had her first orgasm well before we actually start of sex and after leaking her dry, immediately I put a tip of my cock on her love hole and in one big jerk it was completely burried inside her and again she gave away a loud moans.

I started stroking her slowly in and out and she tied her legs at my waist and seems to be enjoying my strokes and slowly and gradually my speed of strokes was increasing and with it her moans as well and while fucking her, I took hold of both her boobs and started squeezing them like a horn at the same time, I keep fucking her with a great speed. She was now completely horny and enjoying each of my stroke with equal movement of her waist and by lifting her butts.

I fucked her for around 10 minutes and she cummed once again. Now my ejacuation point was also near and after her 2nd orgasm, immediately I also started shooting my load in her pussy. My entire 8" dick was vanishing in her pussy after emptying me completely, I again looked at her and she gave me a smile. We then again lip locked and had a long kiss with my dick still in her pussy. Once my dick was limp, I removed it from her pussy and then we hugged each other in the same position.

We were in that position for next 5 minutes, and then released each other. I lay on my back besides her and she turned to my side and kept her head on my chest and put her left hand around me. She was recollecting the best moments she had experienced just a few minutes back and smiling with herself. I asked her about her smiling and she told me that she was recollecting those moments, which she could not get till date from her husband.

He is sick with T.B and their sex life was not so good. However, like a typical Indian wife, she was always supporting her husband and never thought of any other man to satisfy her and she thought that itís her destiny and accepted the fact that she will going to be unsatisfied as far as sex is concerned. So, she has molded her mind accordingly. I told her that tonight, I will try to give her as much pleasure as I can and she can carry those moments with her in her mind.

She was now quite opened up and told me that yes I am sure about it. You have just shown me the same. I told her that itís a trailor only and the real enjoyment is to follow in the night. She blushed once again and we again lip locked for another 5 minutes after releasing our kiss, I looked at watch and it was 1:00 pm. So, we decided to get ready to go out. We then went together to bathroom and had a bath together for the first time in her life and she was enjoying such care and satisfaction from a man.

By now, her guilty feeling of cheating her husband also went away and she told me that she had decided to enjoy the tonight with equal zest after bath, we dried each other and came out of bath room and started putting our clothes. I got ready in 5 minutes and turned toward her and she was still standing naked and was looking at me. I went near her and we once again hugged and engaged in a kiss and after kissing her.

She told me to help her to put her bra and she put her bra on her breasts and I tied her straps then I took her panty and bent down infront of her and hold the panty infront of her and she hold both my shoulders and put her legs in her panty and then I pulled it over till her pubic area while doing so, I rubbed her clit and she put the hand on my dick and squeezed it over my pant thereafter she put her petticoat blouse and saree and was ready in next 10 minutes by this time.

It was 1:45 pm and then we came to receiption of the hotel. I told them that we will be back in the night and went to my car and after seating in the car, we realised that we are hungry but I told her that we will go to city side in some good hotel and she said Ok and we then went to Churchgate and went to Gaylord Hotel for our food and she had never seen such an posh hotel before and was very happy after food, I showed her the Museum, Gateway of India, Hanging Gardens, Babulnath Temple, Siddhivinayak Temple.

Many places when we finished site seeing, it was almost 7:30 pm. So then we decided that we should go back to hotel. I drove my car and reached hotel around 8:30 pm on reaching hotel, we again became completely naked. We were bit tired of site seeing and especially me by driving as well. We then again took the bath together and came out while bathing and we were just casually hugging and kissing each other.

We finished our bath and then after drying each other, came out. I told her to use my t-shirt and Bermuda instead of saree at first; she hesitated but then decided to wear it instead of her regular saree. I told her not to put her innerwares and just a t-shirt and Bermuda. She followed me and put the t-shirt and Bermuda, which was revealing her big boobs and marvelous ass very prominently. I then ordered the dinner and with it one quarter of vodka with soft drinks and also ordered a fruit juice for her.

I also told room service that they should bring the stuff first and dinner can follow subsequently. I also wore t-shirt and Bermuda and within 10 minutes, room boy came up with drinks and juice. I took the stuff and closed the door. I then made my peg and handed over the juice glass to her. I told her to seat near me on the bed and asked her whether she has seen any blue films. She said No and I again asked her whether she would like to see and she said yes.

I then took out my laptop and CD from my bag and inserted the CD in it. I then started the movie and came back to my place and put my hand around her waist and pulled her near me. She also came near me and we cheered each other and started sipping our respective drinks at the same time, we were watching the film on my laptop. It was a film, in which, the person was banging a girl in all her holes purposely.

I put this CD as I had an eye on her marvelous ass and I wish to fuck her in her ass hole while watching the film, she was completely hot and my Bermuda, which she was wearing, was wet near her pussy area at the same time, my cock has also tented in my Bermuda. I then pulled her more and we had a lip kiss. She has seen my tent and her hand slipped on my cock. I pulled the elastic of my Bermuda to allow her to put her hand inside my Bermuda and she got hold of my cock. To be continued for part III. Thanks