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and sat next to her. I looked at her, smiled and said we'll have an interesting day. She also smiled and said yes. To cut the story short, we went around town for some time and to some temples wherever I got chance I spoke to Bhavika. I also kept joking with her husband and rest of the group so that they remained comfortable with me.

Now I started looking more into Bhavika's eyes whenever I spoke to her. She also smiled and responded. Her husband was hopeless, spending more time with the other guys whenever Bhavika looked at an interesting building or object; I pitched in to explain it to her. I said she is more beautiful than any building in the city in the cab; I let my hand fall accidently on her lap sometimes. She did not seem to mind after some time I started to keep my hand on her thighs whenever an interesting landmark came along and show it to her.

She seemed interested after some time, we went to Yana beach. It's a very nice Virgin beach with hardly any crowd. I thought it was much better than any Goa beach. Here we played in the water for some time at one time I had the camera and was taking pictures. Her husband stayed for some time, and then went with the other guys to check out their professional camera. The other couple was playing some distance away. I took some pictures of Bhavika, and told she looked very nice when wet.

She asked whether I really though so. Then I said her husband was very lucky. I told her she should have got a bikini along; I would have loved to take her pictures in it. She gave a naughty smile and said I should also have got my swimming trunks. I said I have my underwear, I can strip down to it and she can also strip down to her bra and panty at this, she laughed, turned her head slightly and said we'll do it sometime.

Now I started getting the hint that she also liked me and whenever she quoted something that I said, she referred to me as Aavare to the rest of the group in Kannada Aavare is roughly equal to Aap in Hindi. It is used with respect. We spent rest of the day going around. I started touching her more frequently and she liked it. We came back to the hotel, had some snacks and went to our rooms at one point Bhavika asked the group about going for a walk after dinner.

It was a beautiful evening with breeze. The guys were all tired probably they sat too much at their deskjobs without exercise. The beach had tired them out. I said I wanted to see a temple just next to the hotel, and would come for a walk. I and Bhavika and her husband went for a walk. Then a wonderful thing happened, he said let's go back. He had forgotten his cell phone at the hotel and was expecting a call. I said the walk had just begun and temple was a little distance away.

Me and Bhavika could go to the temple and come back. I looked at Bhavika and couldn't stop smiling. We both started walking when her husband was away, I straight away asked her about the underwear thing she had said on Yana beach. Did she ever go

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