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railings of cot and came behind her and lifts her saree by pulling her panties down in her legs by inserting his cock in her ass he fucked her in hardcore way for around 15 mins as the cot was shaking with her jerks due to his massive strokes.

Bhauís wife was caressing Mom as Mom was in deep pain as it was a surprise fuck to her ass hole both were moaning and groaning in each fucking strokes. He then withdrew his cock from her ass hole as I was able to see her big hole as he stretched it and splitted in it and fingered her asshole for 2 mins after releasing from him Mom adjusted her panties back below her waist and went to the bathroom for cleaning herself by that time Bhauís wife cleaned his cock by taking in her mouth as Mom came out of the bathroom.

Bhau rushed towards her and pulled her on the dressing table and lifted her ass on the table and scratched her panties out of her legs and began to lick her choot as she must have been pissed in the bathroom. Bhau was lick fucking her Pussy in and out for many a times and drank all her 4-5 orgasms from her juicy choot. Bhau was tongue fucking her continuously as his wife sitting on the bed watching their foreplay by rubbing her clitoris by her fingers.

Bhau then searched her panties and stuffed her scratched panties in her mouth and began to pinch massage her nipples thru her blouse and began stroking his face on her choot to tongue fuck her. Mom began to moan in loud and his tongue was touching her clitoris inner walls. Banging sound of her legs on the dressing table with moans was all over the room. I was watching their session from the opposite side door after releasing her from his tongue fuck he lift her up in her arms.

I dropped her on the bed to began for the main intercourse. He scratched his dhoti and kurta out of his body and stood nude beside Mom. Mom was sleeping on the bed as Bhauís wife stood up on the bed by lifting her saree-peticoat and sliding her panties down sat on Momís face to lick her choot Bhau teared away Momís blouse, pulled her saree out, peticoat string was cut by a scissor. Bra straps were pulled out of her breasts and climbed on the bed by stretching her legs and moved in between her thighs and directed his cock by sliding her vertical lips.

I grabbed her waist by a hand and pulled her near his cock to fuck her in hardcore. His large thick black cock rushed in her choot and he began to fast fuck her in a speed as Mom was still busy licking the nectar of the pussy of Bhauís wife. Bhauís wife was offering her ass hole also to get licked. Bhauís wife bent down to 69 as Mom was busy licking her pussy and she licked Bhauís fat cock and her fucking pussy. Bhau rested Momís legs up on his shoulders and began to stroke her in faster way.

The wooden chaarpayi was shaking a lot due to powered strokes. Bhauís wife tasted Momís pussy juice and Bhauís lubricated cock. Bhau was stroking Momís pussy for 8-10 times and then insert his cock in his wife mouth to get it

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