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This is the continuation of my story please read the part I first:

Mom was so horny that time so by saying fuck me, choood mujhe, zawa mala, thokoon taka majhi puchhi made him hornier and when they stood up the watchman came to them and arranged the separated grass in a bunch and this time he slept on the grass and Swati on his cock for pushups. Swati was pumping in his tower and he was lifting his ass to give her pleasure by touching her womb.

He was pressing her boobs and used to pull her on his face to lick her face and rub her all over her sexy nude figure. Mom was tired due to jumping on his cock and previous plays so he brought her down under him in the natural way. He then went between her thighs and pulled out the pearl necklace from her pussy in his mouth and directly kissed her by sliding the necklace in her mouth to dry clean it. He then went between her legs to drill her by spreading her legs apart to run his gun in and out with a speed.

He kept on fucking and fucking and was rejecting Swatiís plea to wait for sometime as she was exhausted and had multiple orgasms in the non-stop session, but he was unstoppable and showing no sign of shooting after a loud groan he filled Momís pussy by his thick shake and dip drops in her pussy for 5 mins and then felt near her side and kissed her by circling on her nipples. He kept on fucking her in this pose for 25 mins in a non-stop session.

Mom was high exhausted and was sighing a lot till 15 mins and was unable to chat with him. Her kumkum was spread all over her forehead, Mangalsutra was somewhere from her neck, Gajra flowers were spread all over and only thread was hung to the hair pin, glass bangles were completely broken with 1 payal was missing. The time clock was showing 3.55 AM as they both were still sweating a lot in the chilly open weathers nanga naach on the heaps of dried grass.

Bhau stood up after resting beside her for Ĺ an hour and wore back his Dhoti and hung the shoulder napkin on his shoulder. Thinking of their departure from the site I rushed to the Hut in my bed just to wait and watch Momís arrival. My eyes got auto shutoff and I woke up at 07.30 AM and rushed to see Mom in the hut but she wasnít their. Bhauís wife came in the Hut as she brought coffee for me. I enquired about Mom so she said she is resting in her house as she had a sleepless night due to bed change.

I pretended to show me the real truth but I was cleverer than her as why Mom had a sleepless night? We chatted a lot and then she arranged for me the hot water for bath. After bath we went to her house for breakfast. I met Mom there as she had a bath and was wearing new saree and other new clothes. I hugged Mom and then we had a steamed breakfast with Tea and biscuits. We all were sitting in the hall as some persons visited to Bhau to take him to their farm for his guidance, but he refused.

I said after seeing in his wifeís eyes that he has to yield another infertile land and then water the land to sow some seeds for crops. They went away and I went in the kitchen to help Aunty for dish wash. Bhauís wife made me busy in chats as I helped her in utensils washing when we finished Mom and Bhau uncle were absent. I took permission from Aunty to go to our Hut for a nap. I slipped from Auntyís house to know where about of Mom and Bhau.

I rushed to see the Scorpio Jeep, then to the temple area, then to the farm and lastly I returned to our hut. Bhauís wife was aware about their sessions so engaged me in the chats to give the permission to them to skid away. I was waiting near our Hut and suddenly heard a noise of laughing from the inner Hut, so rushed to the entry and saw Bhau and Swati gossiping and laughing a lot as there session was yet to begun. I was again thankful to the God as they were in the corner room 2 rooms away from my room.

Mom was on the Chaarpayi (typical village style woven with thick sack threads) fingering her Mangalsutra and Bhau in her legs lifting her saree to see the pussy cover panties. He questioned her that how was their night session? Mom smiled and gave a flying kiss to him. Then she complimented about the gift the same pink chiffon saree, low cut blouse, light pink peticoat, bra and panties which she was wearing from him, which was selected by Bhauís wife for another ĎSuhaagraatí rather a Suhaag Day.

Bhau was in his typical villager dress of Dhoti, Kurta and Turban. Then Bhau pulled her legs towards him as her head rested on the pillow and their movements begun as the Chaarpayi was making a shaking sound of Ďkat-kat keer-keerí. I thought the Chaarpayi would get broken in the middle of their sex play when in full mood of hardcore. Swati was completely laden now on her back and Bhau slowly lay on her and began to massage under his Villager body after 5 mins he got out of the bed and from her too and stood near the door and asked Swati to come near him.

Swati went near him so he pushed her on the bamboo door entry and asked her to grip the upper portion of the door. He went back to her and in seconds he unhooked her blouse and pulled out apart from her hands. I was now able to see her red color see-thru netted bra covering her half breasts as the bra was off cut size modern style. He began to play with her shoulders and boobs thru her sexy bra. Mom pulled out his Kurta out of his hairy body.

He was roaming his hands all over her body, rather would slap her on her ass cheeks thru her saree and squeeze her nipples thru her white half cover bra. I was surprise to see her nipples and down the breasts was covered with the bra and the upper portion was uncovered. Momís hairs were set in the air and then parted her legs and pulled her saree up on her thighs and then the strings of her peticoat were free petticoat rolled down to a heap in her legs.

She stepped out suddenly the person from his house came to invite us for the lunch and told me to that her Memsaab has called us for lunch and also gave the same information to Bhau in loud voice. Bhau got separated from Mom and warned her not to wear the blouse and peticoat. I went to the bathroom for pee. I was following them as Mom was walking by holding her saree as not to slip up in the middle of the road. They reached before me and I joined them in next 2 mins.

Aunty had done the preparations of the lunch on the dinning table. Aunty guided Swati to hit and pulled the chair as Bhau was asked to sit beside her. I was diagonally opposite to them and beside me was Bhauís old father aunty was to the right side on the single chair to Swati. The food was served by the servants and maids to us. We began to eat the taste food as Bhau was busy touching her deep inners and pussy. Mom was unable to concentrate on the delicious food.

Bhau was successful to unhook her bra from the back as I was able to see the straps loosened from my end. Aunty then helped Bhauís 1 one by her hand to pull out Swatiís pussy cover from her filled waist. I meaning fully dropped my spoon to see the under table scene. Momís hand was busy masturbating Bhauís errect cock. Auntyís hands were caressing Swatiís thighs. Mom went for a piss by taking the permission and joined us in the minutes.

I was looking at her thru the mirror from the bathroom. I was exactly against the bathroom inside view due to partly open, as Mom didnít latch the door. Firstly Mom hooked her bra and then took out her red c-thru panties out of her legs and balled it in her hands and joined us on the table. Mom gave the panties to Bhau, so he took the aroma of the wetness of her panties and kept it aside after lunch when Mom got up Bhau pinched her ass in fun then we all came in the hall as Aunty and Mom were sitting near, Bhau was opposite to them.

I smelled something fishy between them so asked Bhau that I want to go to the farm with his worker and then will rest in our hut as we were about to depart Mom rushed to the bathroom and came out in minutes after wearing her removed blouse and peticoat in the hut which was brought by Bhauís person when we were having lunch when we left them they were only 3 in the hall as Bhauís father and the maid went off on the 3rd floor to take care of his old father and the childrenís.

We went in the farm I pretended that I am feeling to shit so rushed towards the house of Bhau as not to loose the beginning of their 3some. When I reached to the hall their were no one in the hall so walked softly towards their bedroom and saw Bhauís wife standing beside the bed as Mom kneel down and under her saree petticoat licking her pussy as I was able to hear the licking sounds as Bhau was resting on the bed by masturbating his erect cock.

After 5 mins Momís head came out of Bhauís wife saree with her face and lips full glowing due licking juices of her partner. Bhauís wife adjusted her saree and other clothes and sat beside Bhau. Bhau came out of the bed and took hold of Swatiís hands and asked to grip her hands on the railings of cot and came behind her and lifts her saree by pulling her panties down in her legs by inserting his cock in her ass he fucked her in hardcore way for around 15 mins as the cot was shaking with her jerks due to his massive strokes.

Bhauís wife was caressing Mom as Mom was in deep pain as it was a surprise fuck to her ass hole both were moaning and groaning in each fucking strokes. He then withdrew his cock from her ass hole as I was able to see her big hole as he stretched it and splitted in it and fingered her asshole for 2 mins after releasing from him Mom adjusted her panties back below her waist and went to the bathroom for cleaning herself by that time Bhauís wife cleaned his cock by taking in her mouth as Mom came out of the bathroom.

Bhau rushed towards her and pulled her on the dressing table and lifted her ass on the table and scratched her panties out of her legs and began to lick her choot as she must have been pissed in the bathroom. Bhau was lick fucking her Pussy in and out for many a times and drank all her 4-5 orgasms from her juicy choot. Bhau was tongue fucking her continuously as his wife sitting on the bed watching their foreplay by rubbing her clitoris by her fingers.

Bhau then searched her panties and stuffed her scratched panties in her mouth and began to pinch massage her nipples thru her blouse and began stroking his face on her choot to tongue fuck her. Mom began to moan in loud and his tongue was touching her clitoris inner walls. Banging sound of her legs on the dressing table with moans was all over the room. I was watching their session from the opposite side door after releasing her from his tongue fuck he lift her up in her arms.

I dropped her on the bed to began for the main intercourse. He scratched his dhoti and kurta out of his body and stood nude beside Mom. Mom was sleeping on the bed as Bhauís wife stood up on the bed by lifting her saree-peticoat and sliding her panties down sat on Momís face to lick her choot Bhau teared away Momís blouse, pulled her saree out, peticoat string was cut by a scissor. Bra straps were pulled out of her breasts and climbed on the bed by stretching her legs and moved in between her thighs and directed his cock by sliding her vertical lips.

I grabbed her waist by a hand and pulled her near his cock to fuck her in hardcore. His large thick black cock rushed in her choot and he began to fast fuck her in a speed as Mom was still busy licking the nectar of the pussy of Bhauís wife. Bhauís wife was offering her ass hole also to get licked. Bhauís wife bent down to 69 as Mom was busy licking her pussy and she licked Bhauís fat cock and her fucking pussy. Bhau rested Momís legs up on his shoulders and began to stroke her in faster way.

The wooden chaarpayi was shaking a lot due to powered strokes. Bhauís wife tasted Momís pussy juice and Bhauís lubricated cock. Bhau was stroking Momís pussy for 8-10 times and then insert his cock in his wife mouth to get it clean licked by her with 5-6 strokes. Mom bited on Bhauís wife (Kamagni) pussy as she his wife screamed loudly and moved away from them with a jerk to her waist. Bhau was fucking Mom like a wild animal as Mom was grabbing the bars of the chaarpayi and suddenly a cracked sound was heard by everyone as the chaarpayi broke out and

Bhau fell on Mom as they landed on the floor as the legs of the chaarpayi below Momís head got breaked but Bhau kept on fucking Mom with them legs in the air and they were in slanting position enjoying the fucking session. The whole room was filling with their moans, groans and fucking noise due to the lubrication of their genitals. Momís boobs were pressed with his hairy chest and his hairy legs were fighting with her smooth silky legs. Their fucking session lasted for around 45 mins as Bhau groaned in pain and ejaculated his cum in her choot and filled it full.

Bhau moved away after dripping last drop of his semen in her cum filled pussy. He sat on Momís forehead and Mom began to lick her cock dry.
He bent down for a 69 pose and licked their mixed juices from her pussy hole. Momís glass bangles were breaked all over the breaked chaarpayi when Bhau moved away from her to the bathroom Momís makeup was disturbed with her lipstick moved to her cheeks, kumkum fade away from her forehead, and hairs were to be groomed again. Her nipples and breasts bums were bited all over. Her pussy was glowing due to their mixed juices.

Mom lay for an hour on the floor away from the chaarpayi and crawled to the bathroom as she was beyond to walk due to the wild session in 10-12 mins Mom came with Bhau out and they slept till the late evening hours. We all re-joined on the dinner table as Mom was completely exhausted as the food was served to her by Bhauís wife. Mom was wearing a cotton gown and nothing under it with just panties with pads. Mom was bleeding a lot as her periods.

Bhauís van dropped us in the late night hours to our house at 11.30 pm. Bhauís attendants carried Mom to her bedroom as I took the baggage and our purse. Momís purse was filled with a bundle of Rs. 500/- notes with her cum soaked panties and torn bra and with a note inviting her to the nearby Hotel next weekend. Now rush your comments on at the earliest about your views of the above story and wait for my Suhaagraat special story on the evening of my marriage. Keep waiting.