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COUPLE :: My Husband Asked Me To Fuck His Friend - Part II :: ::

moustaches. I caught his erect cock and placed it at my pussy. He waited for few seconds and pushed. His cock was in fully as my cunt was wet from his sucking.

Imagine the scene, Sudheer was below me fucking my ass, Chaandru above me fucking my pussy and Ajay was mouth fucking me. In few minutes we achieved a rhythm. We were all silent. The only sound in the room was of our bodies hitting each other. Thap thap tahp thap thap.

Sudheer broke the silence, “Why is everybody silent. Say something really dirty as in the stories. Are you not happy fucking my wife? Make her your slut.”
Chaandru, “I am fucking you my slut . You are our common slut. I will bring my friends also for you.”
Ajay said, “ You have a lovely mouth besides hot pussy dear. I will fuck you till your cunt gets torn.”
I began moaning, “Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…………mmuuuuuuuuuuu………..sssssssssss…………. oh god………………I love it………….I can’t believe it………………..I am having a foursome…………that also before my husband…….. yes..yes….yes ……… fuck me full force………..tear my pussy………….”

After few minutes we all cummed. Ajay was the first he spurted his semenes in my mouth which I tried to spit out but Ajay held me. He made me drink his cum. Today I was behaving like a real slut. Drinking cum, getting double penetration, ass fuck, urinating on boobs and foursome. Then Sudheer and Chaandru cummed making me cum with a shattering scream.

We stayed there for two days and lived our life the fullest. God did I enjoy! When Ajay and Chandu were fucking me and Sudhir watching it was thrilling one.. I tried 4some, while one was fucking from behind one cock in my mouth other in hand. It was good.. I did even try anal..

After few days she came online. I pinged her and she replied.
She: Hi Sultan, How are you?
Me: I am fine and you? Got your mail and it was fantastic. I was happy to learn that..

She: It was beyond imagination. I never knew sex was so nice.
I said: You are so lucky to have this, dear. I am happy to know you are enjoying it. What will I be rewarded for my efforts.
She: What you want? Wait I can guess. You want me.
Me: Yes I want to have sex with you before Sudheer and all those guys. You can seek Sudheer’s permission for it.
She: Hmmmmmmmm.... I will think about it later. Now I have to go. Bi

And she logged off. So friends, that was the story of Suneetha. I had succeeded in getting Suneetha fucked by her two boyfriend before husband. She was very thankful to me for it. If you like it do post your comments to encourage me to write the third part as such. Where Sudheer gets reward for his work.Who?????????????????? You wil read there if you send your comments to me.

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